St. George's Hall

301 rooms with en-suite, 107 with washbasin and 25 studio flats.

- All rooms are self-catered, with shared kitchen/dining facilities.

- Located right next to Reading Uni Campus and one of the closest Halls to Reading Town Centre.

- Computer Room.


Data points in all rooms.

- 39 and 50 week residency periods available.

Hall History

St. George's Hall started its life back on 1939 as a Hall of Residence for around 100 female students.

By 1990 the Hall had changed a great deal, and Elmhurst House, which now houses the Hall Reception and the JCR Common Room, was extended creating Elmhurst Wing. Oakhurst arrived and Main Block was also established.

This meant student numbers increased from 100 females to 315 students of mixed-sex

By 2003, UPP gained ownership of St. George's Hall which saw the demolition of Main Block to make way for Limehurst and Rowanhurst making the Hall population increase again to it's current limit - around 400. Plus, we are all self-catered which allows for that extra bit of independence.

St. Georges Hall, University of Reading