Hi, I’m Sunny and whilst you’re living at St George’s I’m going to be the guy you can come to for all welfare related matters.

Whilst university is likely to become one of the best experiences you’ll ever have, if you ever need someone to chat to about the difficulties of settling in to the hall or in to your course then I’ll be there for you. There are also a wide range of services at Reading regarding student welfare and so if ever I can’t help you with something, I’ve got tons of information about who you can go to within and outside the university system. But no matter what, I’m always available as the first port of call for any queries or concerns you might have. You can email me at or talk to me face-to-face during freshers week and throughout the year about any further information you might require.

The services provided by the university include general counseling, sexual health care and even support in terms of dealing with exam and coursework stress- so there’s no reason to be worried. As the Welfare Rep on your JCR, I am also tied in to a confidentiality agreement that should give you peace of mind that you can trust me with any anxieties or issues you encounter.
At St Georges we encourage ‘Safety First’, so during freshers week I will be leading a safe sex campaign and distributing free condoms and rape alarms, so as well as providing basic support for all your issues and worries, I’ve got a supply of free condoms and rape alarms that you’re welcome to all year round.

Look forward to seeing you all for what promises to be another great year at George's!



Hi guys, I'm Rob your Representation Rep on this years George's JCR.

My job was formerly known as the International Rep, but I'm now here to help anyone who feels they need representation, whether that be international, under-18, post-grad, LGBT or any other group who need their voice heard.

I'm here for whatever you guys need, whether that be advice or physical help within the uni. I'm easy to talk to and you can find me easily on Facebook (Rob ' Gareth Bale' Sterlini) or email me ( and I'll be able to sort you out with whatever the problem is or help work out who you need to talk to given your situation; even if you don't have a problem, I'm here to chat or for company if you feel that way inclined 

Ceri Jones, now one of our leaders, was our International Rep last year and I'm hoping to build on the sterling job that she did and continue to strengthen the values that she held.

I'm not all serious business though and I'm really looking forward to helping the new freshers settle in and enjoy George's as much as we have and will continue to do.

Get involved, make some great mates and have as much fun as you can! It's going to be amazing and you're not gunna want to miss a minute of it!

Much love, RGBS


Hello St. George’s prospective students and freshers! 
I’m Chris and I’ll be your sports rep for the year.

As a member of last year’s hall team I wanted to give everything possible for my second year, not only playing but managing the team. Winning the sports award at the Winter Formal was a proud moment and spurred me on to compete for the role. 

My role includes creating and running various sports teams.

The football team will include members from last year and freshers. We will play a league format with training in the week and competitive games against other halls and societies at weekends. There is also a 5-a-side league which anyone is welcome to join as a part of halls or recreation with friends. The summer term also brings a one off 5-a-side tournament.

This year we aim to include more members of halls, creating teams for any sport requested, such as rugby and hockey. We also wish to try to appeal to the minority groups within halls such as mature and international students. Girls’ teams were non-existent this year but if requested we can arrange for various sports such as netball and hockey.

Don’t forget your kit and see you in October for (hopefully) the best year yet!


St. Georges Hall, University of Reading