Before you look at the guide, have a look at some of the advice from last years freshers!!!

‘Bring an obscene amount of paracetamol, it’ll get you through freshers’ week’
Anna Cummings, 2nd year History and French Student

‘Bring a lot of Super Noodles, they’re good after a night out to soak up the alcohol’
Katie Parnell, 2nd year Psychology student

‘Don’t forget a pack of cards’
Laura Parsons, 2nd year English Literature Student

‘Get to know your JCR “very well”’
Nikki Fripp, 2nd year English Literature Student

‘Get to know where the other halls are, you may need to know how to get home the next morning’
Nikki Fripp, 2nd year English Literature Student

‘Write St.George’s on your hand in freshers’ week, not only will get talking to people, it’s useful if you forget where you live’
Aneeta Nayani, 2nd year Psychology Student

‘Make sure you have people’s number who you live with before you go on a night out’
Verity Dickie, 2nd year Zoology Student

‘Be careful who you get with in freshers’, remember you will live in the same place as them all year’
Anna Cummings, 2nd year History and French Student

‘Try not to be the person who is unconscious by the first night of freshers, it’ll take a lot of work to drop that reputation’
Matt Marsh, 2nd year Zoology Student and JCR Treasurer 

‘Throw yourself into everything freshers week, give loads of banter, take loads of banter and BE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE (you can always drop them in week 2)’
Sophie Davies, 2nd year English Student and JCR Secretary

‘Avoid Dan Hopkins (your JCR publicity rep) like the plague’
Ceri Jones, Sophie Davies, Zoe Curnow, Hannah Gossett and every female other resident of St.George’s


You'll probably be thinking what to bring with you right about now, so to help make sure you don't forget anything important and to stop you bringing everything you own, follow our little guide:


- Passport/Driving License - nowhere takes any other form of ID - so if you're a's a must!

- Insurance Documents - please get insurance, it's quite unlikey something will get nicked as St George's is really secure...but you will break something

- TV License - check your room gets reception before you buy it, if you're in Rowanhurst or Limehurst this isn't a problem.

- Your student loan information - just incase it's best to bring it with you.

- NHS number and vaccination details - makes it easier when registering with the University Medical Practice

- Bank details including a cheque book - maybe leave your paying in book at home for your never know, they might be in a good mood.

Things for your room 

- Photos - make your room more homely with photos of your friends and family. 

- Posters - there's a poster sale in the first few weeks, so maybe don't bring them just incase they get ruined on the journey.

- If you're in Oakhurst you get a big comfy chair, so maybe bring a throw or something to put over that.

- Postcards - a nice way to decorate your pin's too big just for notices!

- Cushions - always nice...but may end up in a heap on the floor!

- Fairy Lights - give your room a bit more character.

- Alarm Clock - because, unfortunately, you will have lectures to go to :(


- Duvet & Pillows
- Sheets
- Duvet & Pillow covers
- Mattress Protector
- Sleeping bag incase a friend comes to stay :-)

(I would recommend that as soon as you get into your room that you make your bed, just incase everything gets a bit hectic you'll at least have somewhere to sleep when you get back)


- Paper
- Pens
- Blu-tac & pins
- Scissors
- Sellotape
- Stapler
- Hole punch
- Folders
- Laptop


- If you're in Oakhurst, buy something to carry your shampoo etc to the shower with
- Hand and Bath towels
- Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss & Mouthwash
- Soap
- Shower Gel
- Hair care products
- Hair removal equipment
- Deodorant


- Lots of knives, forks and spoons
- Plates & bowls (bring about three if you're slow with washing up)
- Tin opener
- Bottle Opener
- Saucepans (small, medium, large)
- Frying pan
- Masher
- Cheese Grater
- Vegetable peeler
- Wooden/plastic spoon and spatula
- Measuring jug
- Colander
- Sharp Knives
- Chopping Board
- Tupperware and freezer bags
- Glasses
- Tea Towels
- Baking Tray
- Cling Film

Things you'll need but will probably leave at home! 

- Nail clippers & Nail File
- Tweezers
- Hairbrush/Comb
- Perfume/Cologne
- Jewelry
- Make Up
- Moisturiser
- Glasses if you need them
- Hair Straightners/Tongs
Clothes are always useful! and so are board games and a bit of drink :-)

St. Georges Hall, University of Reading